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Frequently Asked Questions

General New Patient Questions

Is the acupuncturist qualified?

    I can assure you that Dr. Ming is licensed and has been practicing in this field for more than 20 years. Any other questions you may have will all be answered on your initial consultation.

    What do treatments cost?

    For your initial visit, the consultation and health evaluation is free. We will only charge you if you would like to receive treatment. Treatments cost anywhere from $75-89 depending on the treatment, We do offer discount packages for our cash payments and all of that is discussed on your initial consultation.

    What does the initial visit entail?

    You will come in and fill out a lot of paperwork because the doctor likes to get a really extensive health history to provide a proper diagnosis. Then we will go over some general topics about what we do at the clinic as well as how our packages work with you. Then you will meet with the doctor who will run a few tests and let you know what she can do to help. All of this is free of charge. If you elect to have treatment that first day you can. The initial visit can be anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

    Do you take insurance?

    Yes. We take only Kaiser HMO and for PPOs we bill everything out of network so you would have to bring in your insurance card so that we could call to see if you had any out of network coverage for acupuncture. If you have Kaiser you have to make sure that you have a referral from your doctor that has been approved by American Specialty Health before we can treat you.

    What kind of treatments do you do there?

    We offer a couple different acupuncture treatments, herbal prescriptive remedies, and massage therapy.

    Do you do massages?

    Yes. The massage therapist is by appointment only. 30 mins is $40 and 60 mins is $65.

    Is massage covered by insurance?

    Most of the time it is not. Massages normally need to be performed by a physical therapist or chiropractor for them to be covered, but if you would like me to double check I just need your insurance information to call for you.



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