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"I had a very serious backache for two years; this pain was a great influence in my life. I couldn’t lie down or get up by myself and need someone to help me. The pain has made my life in hell. I went to see a few doctors, but none could help me get rid of my backache. My backache kept getting worse. The pain in my side has been handed down to my legs, making me difficult to walk, and my waist could not straight up for the pain. I took a lot of pills to cover the pain. A surgeon even told me that my backache could not be cured only always fond of pain-killer.
Then one of my friends recommend Dr Ming to me, she told me that she is almost certain that Dr Ming can help me. The first visit, during about 40 minutes treatment, the Sharp pain on my lower back and my leg gradually reduce, I could turn over by myself right after. The second session, Dr Ming focused on my stomach area and I felt even better. I could help myself out of bed. After the Second treatment, I can drive by myself. After visiting Dr Ming for acupuncture treatment twice a week for about four weeks, my backache is almost completely gone. I also went to see Dr Ming later when I had a chest pain due to trying to lift some heavy stuff and Dr Ming solve my problem quickly."

W.A,  Torrance,


"Both of my feet have been feeling very uncomfortable for a long time, accompanied by pain, numbness, tingling, and sour, especially in the evening. My doctor told me that I have restless feet syndrome, a kind of neuralgia, and the only advice he could give me is to take painkillers. One day when I was driving I saw Ming's acupuncture clinic, so I thought it doesn’t hurt to drop in for a quick consult. After some conversation and examinations, Dr Ming told me that she could help with certain. So I tried acupuncture therapy for the first time in my life, and it really worked! I had a good night of sleep for the first time without the need of any pills that night. After several treatments, the pain of my feet was relieved. During my treatment, I also took my mother to see Dr Ming for some acupuncture treatment for her arthritis of knees, and she said she was really happy since it greatly reduces her pain."

R.G, Lomita


"This year, I started to feel numbness and tingling in my left arm, and numbness in both of my legs. I was anxiety and sad, because I thought I had stroke. Sometime I was so afraid that I cannot stop myself from crying. Then I thought maybe acupuncture could help, because I used to try acupuncture for pain relief, and during the treatment, I felt like my body is healthier while the pain was relieved. So I went to visit Dr Ming for some advice. She asked about my medical history and my feeling, and then gave me a physical examination in detail. Then she told me there is no need to worry, it is not a stroke. The numbness and tingling in my left arm came from the poor circulation of my neck, and the numbness in my legs came from the prolapsed intervertebral disc and arthritis of my lower back. She then gave me some acupuncture treatments, and the numbness and tingling in my arm and legs began to ease. My anxiety was also relieved during the visit. Now I am rejuvenated, and I am ready for my trip next month."

M.G, Torrance

"For a few years I had been trying to get my second child since my daughter was born. Earlier this year a friend of mine suggested me to see Dr Ming for some help. I wasn’t really sure about that but since she strongly recommended her I thought I would just pay a quick visit. So I went to see Dr Ming and she is so nice. She gave me a very professional examination. Then she told me that I have appendagitis, and also poor circulation because my energy which can promote my body circulation is low. She suggested acupuncture treatment twice a week. I had about six treatments, and the month after, I found myself pregnant! How amazing is that? I am now waiting for my second baby and acupuncture is such a miracle. All my special thanks to Dr Ming!"
L.M, Torrance



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